Real Estate

Earn top dollar for your listing by showcasing it with professional photos from St. Charles County, and Metro St. Louis real estate photographer, Kenny Williamson. Every finished image consists of 4-10 individual images at different exposures, then merged together creating a detailed HDR end result. View full Real Estate gallery in my Portfolio.

You might have heard the enigmatic acronym “HDR” in reference to photography, or even seen it as a feature on your smartphone. It stands for “High Dynamic Range”, and it creates photos with gorgeous, impossible detail and clarity–though it can also help you avoid silhouettes and other issues in normal photos. When shooting heavy shadows and bright lights, you are forced into losing detail in one range or the other. Most people probably choose something in the middle to get a decent looking picture, but it still isn’t ideal. HDR solves this problem by taking multiple photos with different exposures, then combining them so you get the best of all possible worlds: details in the shadows and details in the highlights.

Real Estate Pricing is based on Total Square Ft. of the property, and estimated number of edited images. Within 48 hours (or sooner), you will be emailed a shared folder download link, where you can download digital files.  Unlimited forever usage. An additional $25 charge is added for travel to St. Louis City, Jefferson County, and South County.

Up to 1500 sq. ft., $120 minimum 15 edited images. 1501 – 2500 sq. ft., $145 minimum 20 edited images. 2501 – 3500 sq. ft., $170 minimum 25 edited images. 3501 and up, $190 minimum 35 edited images.